Steelseries Rival 300 CS:GO Gaming Mouse Hot pick

Steelseries Rival 300 CS:GO Gaming Mouse

Steelseries Rival 300 CS:GO Gaming Mouse


A big hello to our Jinza Gamers! Welcome to our very first “Featured Product” article. Every week we will endeavor to give you info on some of our favourite hot picks- and give you our thoughts on some of the best looking products out there!

This week, we decided that we simply had to get our hands on the latest Steelseries Rival 300 CS:GO Gaming Mouse! We had a look at, to make sure that we had all of our product info upto date and relevant.

Aside from the ranges awesome skins, which are based on the Counterstrike Global Offensive gaming graphics, (hence CS:GO), and of course the ‘Hyper Beast Design’, this mouse is perfect for the game lovers if you’re looking for a little bit of extra colour! Not only is the mouse bound to catch your eye- it is also considered one of the most professional gaming mouses out there, and has had some excellent reviews.

Jinza Gaming loves the versatility of the Steelseries mouse, because of it’s high-level customization ability, with it’s programmable buttons and brilliant illumination. This mouse has pin point accuracy because of it’s optical sensor, with compatibility across the Microsoft and Mac computer ranges, featuring six buttons and 30 million click switches.

We have the Steelseries Rival 300 CS:GO available on the website this week, at the great price of R1399.00, and stock is going fast! To get yours, order now! Remember we’re based in Johannesburg, but we can offer delivery options nation wide! Feel free to drop us a mail if you have any questions or you just want some more info on our great specials-

That’s all for this week- but be sure to keep up with our website as we feature more products and insights on all of our favourite items!

See you soon!

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